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Preferred Programs:


          Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud or Earlier

          Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud or Earlier



          Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud or Earlier



We prefer not to receive InDesign files, but if we must please include all links and turn fonts to outlines.

Vector Files:


These are the preferred format for files received.  Vector files have no loss of information enlarging or shrinking size.


           .Ai           .EPS           .PDF

Raster Image Files:


These file types are usually pictures, flattened images and Photoshop files.  Raster Image files have loss of information enlarging or shrinking size, so a DPI of 300 is a safe printing size for normal printing and 150 DPI for grand format.


           .PSD        .TIFF          .JPG         


Large Format Printing: l Resolution for best result is 150 DPI at full size. Design Preferences & Bleed: l Always include at least 1/2" Bleed on all sides of artwork. l Keep important text or logos at least 2" from sides, top and bottom for finishing purposes. l Convert all type to outlines. l Embed images unless file size is extremely large, if not embedded, include linked images. Color: l Build files in CMYK Color Mode l Black should be rich at 100,100,100,100 l Pantones that need matched should be called out in file.